Time for Bribes?

If you’re been putting off registering for Streetwars, the round-robin water gun assassination game – you might have missed out – unless you have the right bribe. Culled from the registraion site:

Assassins! We quickly got dangerously close to the maximum number of players…we have not yet surpassed that number…this is where the pre-game gets interesting… The Shadow Government is, as any clandestine organization, corrupt. Meaning, we take bribes and do things for people because of said bribes… There are a *very* limited number of spots left…one of them can be yours or your team’s… How? Offer us a bribe…and know that it CANNOT be cash. Cash is useless to us, we pretty much own and run the international banking systems…so be imaginative and propose something good. We accept the bribe and you and/or your crew are in…otherwise, we can but offer you our most humble pardons. Stay Dry.

Glad I got my registration in. And I just picked up my incognito wig in Hollywood last night. So if you’ve got me as a target, good luck! See ya on the streets!

Ps. Check out CSI:NY for a look into the NY game tonight at 10pm on CBS.