Advent Children At The Arclight…


Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within was visually a very impressive film, but ultimately disappointed many fans of the Final Fantasy series of videogames who were probably expecting something more like the benchmark that is Final Fantasy VII. Well, Advent Children, the sequel to that game, is being released domestically on DVD and UMD next month, and there’s a free screening (Square-Enix) this Monday at the Arclight (link via Joystiq):

Square Enix and Sony Pictures announced this week that a special celebration for the official release of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children will take place with a screening of the film at the Cinerama Dome, at ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood, California. The one-night-only event will take place on April 3 and will be open to the public, and is the only chance to see the film in theaters before its release on DVD and UMD formats on April 25. The film’s showing is complimentary and tickets will not be for sale. Both production staff and cast members are scheduled to make an appearance following the screening.

Interested RPGamers in the Hollywood area can find the ArcLight Cinemas at 6360 West Sunset Boulevard, in Los Angeles, California. Guaranteed admission to the event will be handed out at Noon on the day of the showing at one ticket per person, and any remaining seats will be distributed at the time of the screening.

Camp of Rock

You know why I wish I was a better guitar player? So I could be a camp counselor at rock music camp! DayJams is a rock music day camp for beginners and experienced players ages 9-15, and they’re looking for staff for a July stint in OC:

Camp counselors needed immediately!!

Day Jams® Rock Music Day Camp will be back in Orange County this summer of 2006, in Costa Mesa, CA.

The hours are Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm, between July 10th and July 21st.
You must have your own transportation for this job!
These are the positions that must be filled by April 1st:
6 camp counselors ($550 for 2 weeks)

If you are interested in any of these positions, please write [email protected] ASAP and include a copy of your resumé with your email and CALL ME at (323) 610-7138.

Interviews will take place in Hollywood, CA
You must call if you’re interested in this position.

Gustavo Teixeira, director

You have ONE DAY if you’re interested, so get on the ball

But what of the rain victims?

but what of the rain victims?

Spotted this on the door of a laundromat in Silverlake and judging by the newness of it compaired to all the other withered tape, stained paper, sun bleached out signs next to it I’m going to assume it’s a recent addition. Perhaps rain victims from the other days freak falling water situation took shelter inside and used the dryers to de-wetify their jackets?

The Onion is looking for a Los Angeles-based writer

The Onion AV Club (where I am lucky enough to be a contributor) is looking for a Los Angeles-based writer to cover the local entertainment beat.

From Craig’s List:

The Onion is looking for a qualified, culture-savvy writer to work as the Los Angeles City Editor. The Los Angeles City Editor will oversee the local elements of The Onion A.V. Club, the entertainment section of The Onion. This part-time salaried position will include managing listings and writing picks for cultural events of all kinds, coordinating promotional events with the advertising staff, and conceiving and implementing new ideas for local coverage.


Qualified candidates will possess:

• Strong writing, editing, and organizational skills
‚Ä¢ An impressive knowledge of (and intense love for) music, restaurants, film, comedy, and theater–and an appreciation of what makes Los Angeles unique in these areas
• The ability to work well with a national editor of local content, The Onion advertising staff, and the staff of The Onion A.V. Club
• Experience in journalism, publishing, or a related field
• Enough computer skills not to embarrass anyone
• Not a requirement, but a major plus: The skills, connections, and experience to help create interviews, reviews, and feature stories for the national edition of The A.V. Club

Not that it matters, but I can tell anyone who is interested in this job that working for the AV Club is really hawesome, and you can totally impress members of the opposite sex at parties when you say, “Yeah, I write for The Onion.” Contact info for interested parties is at Craig’s List.

More Dicky

The past week or so has found many of us here making several posts about Dickey Barrett and his abrupt replacement on the Mighty Morning Show. Needless to say I’m not psyched about it. Yesterday the LA Weekly chimed in on the subject and pours more gasoline on the “this is messed up” fire:

Barrett says that he was prepared to take his firing quietly, but that Girocco’s statement to Hits forced his hand. Last Friday, his publicist released a typo-riddled statement in which Barrett makes a number of strong accusations, including — ouch! — that he was scolded for complaining on-air about a Morrissey single. Barrett says he was told to “say the time and call letters till your [sic] blue in the face,” and he also tells the Weekly that Indie forced him to use a playlist in recent months (a rule not applied to some other celeb DJs at Indie).

Most troubling, he accuses Indie of de facto censorship at the hands of Steele and Girocco. Barrett says the two demanded approval for all his guests, and fired him the same day he held an “unauthorized” pro-choice discussion on his show with a South Dakota radio host. (“Dawn Girocco [is] Dick Cheney, Steele is George Bush,” says Barrett in the release.)

Further complicating matters, no one at Indie will discuss the matter, including Girocco, beyond the usual “we wish him the best of luck” formalities.

Maybe it’s just me, but Michael Steele’s email reply saying “If you need to find a new choice in mornings, that’s cool. Do what you need to do, we did” doesn’t quite come across as “best of luck formalities” to me.

Villaraigosa To Host Meeting on New Poverty

This week, our mayor is hosting other city leaders in Los Angeles, in order to brainstorm on reducing and easing poverty.

I think that one of the most un-American things happening in America today is what I call the New Poverty. This is the poverty that happens even when people are working in accordance with American Dream standards: holding down two or three jobs, well over forty hours a week, and still unable to make ends meet. These poverty levels are especially prevalent in L.A., where transportation and housing costs, not to mention a generally high cost of living, make the poverty issue even worse. The only solution is to find a way to make sure that workers are fairly compensated for their labor, and that the resources are available for them to maintain a decent standard of living. With those two factors, there is a chance of bringing the poor up to the middle-class economic status they’re fighting and working so hard for.

While I believe that Villaraigosa is getting a bit quixotic in his quest against poverty (it may not be fixable to his standards without a complete social shift), I admire him very much for bringing his core values to the forefront. This is, to me, the most heartbreaking thing about Los Angeles: seeing poverty, everywhere. Especially coming from socialist Canada.

L.A. times entry is here.

Street Seen

So the dog and I are walking past the Silver Lake 99-Cent store on Sunset this morning and standing at the adjacent newspaper racks is one of several of the community’s residence-challenged members who I regularly encounter. The sistah’s head is swathed up in a turban all Erykah Badu-style (back before she went all Angela Davis) and as we draw closer to her she asks quietly if I can spare any change. All I have in my pocket is a paper towel and a baggie to pick up any stuff the dog might be dropping, and a dollar that’s been predesignated for today’s L.A. Times. Passing her I shrug and say, “Not today, sorry,” and I haven’t gone two steps beyond her before she snaps me with “Well then lemme have one of them benjamins then, niggah!”

So I do a spit take, then bust out laughing and keep on moving. It’s not that I haven’t heard that line before, I’ve just never had it used on me. And besides, even if I did have one of the “them benjamins” to spare, I’d already promised to flow a part of it Tony Pierce to help turn his frowny face upside down.

The adventures of Lil Ed and Lil Antonio

So Steve Hymon, a reporter at the LA Times, is in the midst of a very unscientific (but interesting) experiment to see if two goldfish can live in water from the L.A. River.

Well guess what? It turns out they can!

Little Ed (named for Councilman Ed Reyes, river project supporter) and Little Antonio (named for Mr. Mayor himself) have been living in a tank of L.A. River water for about a month, as well on a webcam at (the webcam will be on until for the next couple of days, anyway).


According to the LA Times site:

Little Antonio has developed black splotches, but appears to be faring well; we think it had to do with a chemical imbalance in the tank.

The experiment, not surprisingly, has brought an array of responses from readers, ranging from high praise to this being the single stupidest thing ever to be published in The Times.

Then there was this gloomy note from one reader: “Just like you and me, Little Antonio and Little Ed aren’t getting out of this alive.”

After the goldfish cam is turned off, Little Ed and Little Antonio will continue to live in river water in their aquarium, but we’ll mitigate for some of the unique problems. We’ll try to give the fish a good life in exchange for being good sports.