That Ferrari Enzo Story (Update!)…


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Remember the Ferrari Enzo that crashed last Monday? There’s an update to the story (via LA Observed):

The case of the Malibu Ferrari crash gets stranger. There may be a gun involved, the car may have been illegal, and the top of the Times story makes it sound like authorities now believe there really was a second person in the car when it crashed. But there’s no support for that claim in the rest of the story, just the skepticism from last week.

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But did you know that the owner, Stefan Eriksson, has two Enzos (via Joystiq)?

On top of that, the wrecked Enzo may not have belonged to him and it probably wasn’t registered here in California (via Joystiq/Wrecked Exotics):

It appears Mr Eriksson may have destroyed a car which didn’t belong to him. Police said the car was the property of the Bank of Scotland and was in the process of being repossessed at the time of the crash. The word on the street is the Ferrari was obtained through fraudulent financing along with a Mercedes SLR. When the bank found out, Eriksson simply shipped the Ferrari to the United State. The car had a European registration and nothing had been done to make it street legal in California.

2 thoughts on “That Ferrari Enzo Story (Update!)…”

  1. Hey man…you just fucked up your Ferarri!

    It’s not mine!


    (you see, it really wasn’t!)

  2. Lemme see if I have this right:
    Some drunken rich shit blows up a million dollar car on PHC while street racing at 6am, and then claims only to have been a passenger in the car that is now claimed to have been travelling at, like, 735 miles per hour.

    The Ferrari crashes, the rich shit miraculously survives, and then claims someone called either “Deiter” or “The German” was at the wheel, and then ran off into the bushes to avoid capture.

    Other than the obvious question (ie. why wasn’t the rich guy shot on site, even if only for sport?), I have two lingering questions:

    a)Everyone seems to be focusing on the rarity of the model of car involved in the accident; yet no one seems to give a shit that drunk fucks were wheeling down PCH in some sort of grudge match. Had this been two idiot kids from Sylmar drunkenly racing tricked out Acuras or CRXes, you know that every soccer Mom from here to Saginaw and back would’ve already weighed in to every television news agency on how awful this all was, and the plight of the children, etc., etc…..

    Call me a cynic; but, am I supposed to believe that a lack of public outrage has absolutely NOTHING at all whatsoever to do with the ever-emerging facts that this incident is populated by a cast of smarmy, rich characters better suited for an 80’s night time soap opera?

    b)”The German”, the hundred million dollar car, The Bank Of Scotland, for christ fucking sakes, the crazy rich guy, PCH, near-catastrophic accident involving said drunk shits….

    On one level, my cynical side totally loves the tacky bullshit of a rogue owner of a nearly one-of-a-kind car possibly making up a story involving someone called “The German” to whom he drunkenly gave his keys for a useless, rich shitbags-only, match race down PCH against a still-unnamed foe in a bigassed Mercedes….

    On another level, it burns my ass that, as much as I would love some nights to drive to a local bar, have a few strong drinks and then take the wild ride home, I cannot– so I either have to not go out, beg for rides from friends, or (the least likely scenario, as I hate leaving home anyway)go out, and drink only lemonade.

    If I, in my poky lil’ Nissan Sentra, did dare to risk the odds and were pulled over to blow a .08 or above, would I or anyone else in my same situation, without access to a lame alibi and a high powered attorney be granted the same ‘rights’ as Mr. Eriksson?


    I’d have my rights read to me, and then be summarily frogmarched off to ass-rape heaven until I could post bond.

    It would never make the news, and no one would ever give a shit; unless the local news shows happened to decide that week to run an ‘expose’ on such matters.

    Yeah, I’ve enjoyed the hell out of this story, and all the dimwitted privileged miscreants involved; and it has been a hoot. But, to put it in more blunt terms; what if it happened to you or I?

    Driving our regular-folks cars, and getting pulled over? And just imagine if one of us nothings had as horrific an accident as befell the driver of the Enzo!

    If you or I were racing on PCH, while drunk, at 6am; and were lame enough to wipe out in such a spectacular fashion, would we (assuming we’d survived) be treated with such kid gloves by the authorities or the news media?

    You, in your ’98 Saturn; me in my ’97 Sentra, etc….

    Apparently, it is now all about the lawyers, and has nothing to do with the offenses and incidents involved.

    A so-called “regular” person might have the same accident, at half the speed that Mr. Eriksson and his doomed Ferrari were travelling, with the same amount of booze in their system; but, would any of us be treated in the same way?

    Not with a private family attorney or a public defender, we wouldn’t.

    Especially not if we emerged from the wreckage telling tales of some mysterious acquaintance we claimed to only know as “The German”.

    We’d just rot in jail; and this whole thing would take on a much darker tone than the media grants it as it now stands.

    In other words, we’d be fuked; as no one would be willing to believe that anyon of us shits would just give over the keys to our ’71 Plymouth Duster to someone called “The German”…

    We’d just be rotting in jail for even offering uo such an explanation.

    Which is kind of weird if you think about it: Cops, lawyers, judges and juries (with the proper high-end legal manipulation)might well be more inclined to believe that the owner of a million dollar car could be more easily persuaded to hand over the keys to a fictitious German than could the owner of a tangerine-colored ’74 Chevy Vega….

    Had Eriksson and his hologram of a German co-pilot been check-to-check pikers who happened to roll a ’76 Gremlin and needed defense from a court-appointed lawyer, this story wouldn’t be nearly as cute an oddity as it has been portrayed.

    Had it just been a regular guy or girl, this would have been treated like another massive symptom of a greter societal illness; but, since the creeps were rich, and have such high-powered lawyers, this 200mph crash (which could’ve, inadverdantly, involved others), is now just another cute bullet-point refernece in the gossip columns….

    chris checkman

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