Where’d I Leave That Ark?

I know that there’s thousands of people out there in Los Angeles right now who are smugly chiding their co-workers, friends and family for even noticing that it’s raining. I’m one of them. I can’t mutter about snow like the East Coasters or Midwesterners, but I am from a real rainforest. In fact, I’m getting a little nostalgic right now, seeing it all gloomy and dark and rainy out there.

Still, because we’re not used to rain here, I don’t think it’s overreacting to let people know that the LAFD blog has an entry up on storm preparedness. And to ask people to remember that the streets are slippery today, and many people drive like worse jerks than usual in this stuff. Please be careful.

3 thoughts on “Where’d I Leave That Ark?”

  1. …and the oft-ignored warning to stay the heck away from the drainage canals and the LA River so some poor public servant doesn’t have to come down and fish you out…dead or alive.

  2. As though it were audible punctuation, just as I finished reading your entry, I heard a long skid and a crunch out my window, somewhere on Laurel. Mmmm. Rain.

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