Rowena Community Vision Update

There’s a new update on the Rowena Community Vision website with details from thier meeting last week about the development of the Rowena corridor. Full text of their e-mail announement is in the extended entry, and previous posts on the ubject can be found here and here.

Thank you to those who responded to Rowena Community
Vision by attending the Community Meeting hosted by
the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council’s UD&PAC last
Wednesday. Several hundred people attended and heard a
sales pitch prepared by the developer of the 64-Unit
Complex, followed by vital 3-minute rebuttals from
concerned members of RCV. Architects, developers, a
real estate agent and an owner of The Coffee Table
voiced their support for the project. Many people left
the event still opposed to the scale and mass of the
64-Unit complex. Councilmember Tom LaBonge, in
attendance, has not yet taken an official position,
but has said “I think it’s too big.” Clearly, the
issue of traffic and pedestrian safety is a major
concern. This coming Wednesday, the SLNC UD&PAC will
make its recommendations to the SLNC Governing Board
based on community feedback. It’s crucial that you
speak out! Here’s how:

– Attend the SLNC Governing Board Meeting on
Wednesday, March 1 at Micheltorena School at 7pm.

– Fill out a 2-minute speaker card and make your voice

– Urge the SLNC UD&PAC to make the following
recommendations to the SLNC Governing Board:

1. A median, pedestrian crossing and traffic lights be
installed on Rowena before the 64-unit complex breaks
2. A traffic study be conducted
3. The developer’s ZA request to City Planning to
exceed the 30 foot height restriction be red-flagged
4. Critical review of scale and mass should be
5. No demolition or construction to take place on
Saturdays and Holidays
6. Demolition and construction hours to be clearly
defined between the developer and the community
7. The project site shall be fully screened during
construction to ensure the safety of the community

– Email your concerns and these recommendations to the
SLNC UD&PAC before Wednesday to:
[email protected], cc:
[email protected] and [email protected]

– Urge Councilmember Tom LaBonge to red flag the
Zoning Administrator’s Adjustment Request submitted by
the developer of the 64-Unit Rowena Project to City
Planning. The request is to exceed the 30-foot height
[email protected], cc: [email protected],
[email protected] and [email protected]

The SLNC makes its recommendation based on the
information and public comment it has on hand. It’s
very important that you voice your concerns NOW. As
always, please let us know how we’re doing, and thank
you for your support!