Axl Rose!


(Photo courtesy of The Cobrasnake.)

I was browsing some of The Cobrasnake‘s recent photos and was surprised to see Axl Rose, cornrows and all, at a recent party with Jamie Foxx.

Maybe it’s Rose’s way of building buzz for the upcoming (apparently out later this year) Guns ‘N Roses album Chinese Democracy ?

Or maybe not.

UPDATE: Interestingly enough, this photo has now been removed from The Cobrasnake website, replaced by the word “Censored.” Wonder why?

10 thoughts on “Axl Rose!”

  1. Man, he sure is disapointing me with his new look. His goatee looks like a hairy vagina and his cornrows need to uprooted by force.

  2. well doesnt axl look like hes have a marvelous time…? hes such a party animal what can u

  3. ok, does axl really think colored braids look good? i bet he keeps a damn headache with all that pullin on the scalp. were all critics axl,but we love you!

  4. oh my god i all most started crying when i saw this picture… he looks like he is on heroin and is eating hella to make him look “healthy” (but he looks horrible)!!!! he needs to lose that thing on his face to!!!

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