ACME Games Gone, Not Quite Forgotten

022406_acme.jpgGiven their current troubles, I wasn’t entirely surprised to see that ACME Game Store seems to have closed its doors. A brief drive by yesterday revealed that the entire store is gone. Zip. Kaput. In its stead is about 2,500 square feet of empty space. In the meantime, a bunch of people including Cult leadman Ian Astbury, Dim Mak spoiled-rich-kid-of-the-moment Steve Aoki and the ubiquitous Shepard Fairey have banded together to put on a benefit for the ACME legal defense fund. While I’m not really down with the way the flyer copy tip-toes around the more heinous elements of the charges, the idea that they’re facing 17 years in prison for violating a law intended to protect the bottom line of a giant corporation disgusts me. Jason and Jonathan are nice guys. Not rapists. Not drug dealers. Not murderers. As with the ridiculous GTA: San Andreas lawsuit, it makes me wonder WTF has happened to our priorities.

Click on the flyer art for full details on the benefit. Actually, the details on the flyer are pretty sparse. The event is Monday, Feb. 27th at Cinespace. Cover is $20. The email that they sent out was very clear that the only way to guarantee that you’d be in the main room for the “Cult” performance is to book bottle service. So, if you’re dying to see “Ian Astbury with CFFC” which other places are promoting as “The Cult,” make sure to contact Cinespace to book bottle service.

2 thoughts on “ACME Games Gone, Not Quite Forgotten”

  1. I can’t comment on the legal particularities of the case–and 17 years does seem absurd–but I can tell you what terrible businessmen the guys from ACME were. I rented the store for a gaming party, and they made creepy 11th hour demands (literally, day before the party) for more money after we’d come to a clear, and fair, agreement several weeks before. Jason went from being the “nice guy” in your description to pretty thuggish when I balked at the shake-down treatment.

    I think those guys were in over their head, unfortunately.

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