“A Drinking Club With A Running Problem”

hhh.gifAnd all you bicycle enthusiasts thought you were so cool… the Hash House Harriers is a worldwide underground bar hopping run club. Part of the fun is that the runners don’t know the course they’ll be running, or what bars they’ll stop in along the way. A lead runner or runners mark the trail ahead of them, sometimes leading the runners on ridiculous routes.

I’d heard of this legendary group, but didn’t know they were local until I saw a mob of them running past my apartment Saturday afternoon. The scary part is I live in Hollywood a couple blocks from Runyon Canyon, but they began their run today all the way over in Chinatown. And at least two of the runners I saw were preggers. According to their blog, MTA passes were handed out before the run, so it appears they were all encouraged to pull a Rosie Ruiz.

And if the running doesn’t interest you, the names of some participants might. Their Wikipedia entry reads, “After attending several runs, participants will be given a ‘hash name’, which is generally based in either sexual innuendo or a specific memorable incident involving the new member.” The participants in this weekend’s run include Blowing Nemo, Manhole Muncher, Ass the Other Vagina, Micro Screwry, Nookie Monster, Penis Colada, Tits Ahoy, and my favorite, Turkey Nipples.

This weekend they’re celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Los Angeles chapter – if you’re reading this early enough they’re having a “Hangover Hash” that meets near a “beer van” somewhere in the Chinatown/Elysian Park area at 10am. For directions and other upcoming binges runs check out their blog or website.

One thought on ““A Drinking Club With A Running Problem””

  1. Man, I remember going to one of their events at Joshua Tree with my dad as a child. They have been around forever. I remember liking the whole maze concept where you send people down different trails to see which one is the right one… and the circle drink at the end… reminds me of Japanese drinking parties… all that chanting and chugging. Too bad I was like 11!

    Definitely something to check out!

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