public service announcement for myspace users

Anyone in the general reading audience with a account should change their passwords immediately. Wannabe crackers (imitation hackers, who crack rather than hack – not the slang term for white trash) have posted thousands of MySpace names and passwords on publicly accessible websites. At least, according to the punkass kid who broke into mine.

I’ve posted details on my own blog, but though I would share. To make this post more L.A. related, um, it’s a beautiful day out here in Venice, despite some early June gloom. Which is burning off quickly. So once you change those passwords, you might want to come out to the beach.

14 thoughts on “public service announcement for myspace users”

  1. How long before MySpace becomes forgotten like Friendster? Jillian, how can one look up to see if one’s own name and password has been hacked, cracked and jacked?

  2. Rodger: thanks for pointing out that it is a local story, although Intermix IS owned by the propaganda demons at FOX now, and it’s a serious PR thing for ol’ Rupert and his conservative empire to fight off allegations that they own a porn & predator empire.

    JT – no idea how you can check on these things, just better to be safe than sorry.

    Joz – I don’t do scams. In fact, I’m the first girl to post the link to a Snopes. com entry when someone else is gullible enough to send me a scam. This is, as far as I know, real.

  3. So crackers are imitation hackers? haha Do you know the difference really? Crackers are those who break into systems, but if they modify anything in that system they\’re hackers. And those that use cracking/hacking programs to do their mischief are just known as script kiddies.

  4. Joz – it’s like I said on my blog – this kid prefaced his email with my password. I believe he was stupid enough to tell me the truth about where he got it. If he’s scamming me, and I’ve just started a scare, then I’ll turn myself over to ;-)

    Rodger – thx for the link, I shall check it your series!

    Piratez – thx for the clarification on crackers vs. hackers! I was sort of fuzzy before. But I always heard sort of wannabe hackers referred to as “crackers” before, so to me, it has the ring of insult. And therefore, applies to the jerks who gave out my MySpace password to some punkass in Illinois.

  5. Jillian – I don’t mean to offend (hope you’re not taking my questions that way, anyway), but how do we know it’s not an isolated incident?

    I couldn’t find the supposed website “that publically lists over 1000’s of myspace login’s and passwords.” If there is really such a website that’s so public, then why can’t I (or you) find it? How can we check to see if we are on it or not?

    Thanks for the heads-up, Jillian. It truly is a great public service if this is true.

  6. No worries, Joz – I didn’t take any offense :-)

    A friend posted this to my blog:

    I also deduce that this is not isolated, because when people as dumb as the punk who emailed me start pulling stunts like this, I figure smarter individuals have used the information more subtly already (ie. to access PayPal accounts et al)

  7. My friends account was hacked into a while ago. I wound up having a dream that mine was hacked into as well. This PSA and warning signs have prompted me to change my password. Thanks for the heads up :)

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