2 thoughts on “Get Ye to Pirates!”

  1. Al Lutz at Miceage.com posted this insider’s look at how Pirates will be updated:


    It is the first major remake of an E-Ticket ride since the (inexplicably) popular holiday versions of Small World and Haunted Mansion. Well the Small World re-do for the holidays is stunning. The Haunted Mansion is a snoooozer in my book. My take on the update of Pirates is that I’m glad they aren’t getting rid of the ride. It will be a bit strange to see Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow in the ride… but it looks like the changes overall will also include technical upgrades as well as thematic ones.

    Sean, did you go to the Blue Bayou, the New Orleans restaurant in Pirates? That will also close down for a little while but I hope it opens up as my fiance and I have never eaten there but have always wanted to…

  2. The Blue Bayou is cool, especially if you can get a seat along the water. Nice and creepy, as you really do feel like you’re next to a bayou. The food is okay, but for the fireflies its all worth it.

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