Treasure! Bikes! Y’arr!

I’m totally yanking this post out from under Will, but the L.A. Treasure Hunt is coming up next month! As rumoured by benhigh a couple weeks ago, it is, indeed, a treasure hunt. On bikes! Treasure hunts + bikes = AWESOME!

Of course, it turns out that this wondrous event is the same day as the CODEPINK International Women’s Day event. At which I will be coordinating (clothed) people into an aerial image. So for those of you who are not cyclistas, but would like to see more peace in the world (and the US out of Iraq), you may want to join us at Arlington West in Santa Monica. Details will be forthcoming – but anyone interested in helping should comment or email or track me down now, because we at CODEPINK can totally use more help.

Also this weekend – tonight is Los Angeles Critical Mass! Meet at Wil/tern Metro Station, at 7pm. I will not be there, as I am backlogged on multiple projects (including a lot of CODEPINK work), but I wish I could be. This is the Mass that sometimes goes through downtown, and sometimes goes to Hollywood, and always is a great time.

And, unfortunately, due to my decision to go ride Soarin’ over California six times in a row, neither will I be at the Tour de Drugs on Sunday in Redondo. But here’s the email I received from the 310 list:

    So, the Tour of California is coming to Redondo Beach this Sunday, sponsored by a certain maker EPO, so we’re gonna watch the race and have an event of our own; the Tour De Drugs!

    We’ll be meeting up around noon at the Hermosa Beach pier. Check out the bikeboom calendar for all the details.

    There’s also a ride leaving from the A haus [in Rampart] a ten o’ clock to come down to Redondo.

Now, I don’t know how many actual drugs are going to be involved, but I’m sure this will be a crazy good time. Redondo is also Red Line accessible, for those who do not want to do a fifty mile day.

I’m just realizing, I’m missing way too many bike events this spring. However, I’ll be resuming my usual bike circuits with Santa Monica Critical Mass next week, and with RIDAZZ the next week, so hopefully, the withdrawal won’t be too severe.