a top twenty-five finish

WilandAmandaPokerWire.jpgI finished 23rd in the WPT Invitational at Commerce last night, when I open-pushed from the button with pocket tens, and ran into pocket aces. D’oh! Kind of a bummer, but I’m happy with my decision. I only had 10 rounds left in my stack, and I was willing to push with any ace or pair there. A pair of tens was a monster, as far as I was concerned.

But I outlasted all the other celebrity players (don’t tell them that I’m not a celebrity anymore, okay?) and won $10000 for the City of Hope in Duarte, which was really cool.

And I got my picture taken with Amanda, who touched my monkey for luck, which was also really cool.

So when are we heading down there for a blogging.la homegame?

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