Tragedy on Whittier Boulevard

Wednesday morning a tragic accident (LA Times story) occurred at the intersection of Whittier and Lorena in Boyle Heights. A truck hit and killed a three-year old boy, Danilo Garc√≠a. His grandmother, Rosalinda Garc√≠a, who was pushing his stroller was also hit and is in critical condition. This hits home. My roommate’s parents and 6-year old brother live just a few steps from the scene of the accident and some of my own family members live nearby.

Community members have passed on information on how to donate to the García family in their time of need. See details below.

Call for donations:

The mother of the boy is the third grade teacher at Our Lady of Lourdes School, here in East L.A. We are uniting as a community in our efforts to support the family during these very difficult times. Obviously, the immediate obstacle they are facing is their ability to afford the boy’s funeral. Catholic school teachers do not make a lot of money (avg. $25,000-30,000/yr) and the boy’s mother is six months pregnant with two girls.

Our Lady of Lourdes School is currently accepting donations to assist the family. I know many of you hail from this proud community and thus I decided to reach out to you to help this family.

Obviously, if those of you from our larger community would like to help, you are more than welcome to.

Make checks payable to: “Our Lady of Lourdes School” and write “Garcia Family Fund” in the memo line.
Send donations to: Our Lady of Lourdes School, Attn: Garcia Family Fund, 3772 E. 3rd Street, East Los Angeles, California 90063

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