Sex Offended

fwd_logo.jpgAlright, even though I wish that this was hypercool Google Maps and Ajax enabled deal, it ain’t. But the information is there, and I guess that is all you need to know to protect your familia with the Family Watchdog. You enter your address, and then after an excrutiating minute or two, you get a map pinpointing all of the sexual offenders in your neighborhood, with details about their crime, as well as photograph. You can also get notifications of when a sexual predator moves near you.

The photograph part is sort of strange(especially when the subject has a mischievous smirk) and as I click on the map around my house I wonder if I will end up looking at someone who I see around the neighborhood. So far, I haven’t – but still. There are a crapload of sex offenders where I live.

8 thoughts on “Sex Offended”

  1. I almost moved into a neighborhood with tons of sex criminals and one of them who lived within a mile of me had my exact name. Needless to say I am thankful that I don’t live there. Imagine the late knock on the door…? BANG “Oh the wrong guy? My bad.”

  2. If you think thats scary, these are only the guys who were caught AND convicted.
    Just let it be a reminder to keep an out for yourselves… and each other. (as I emote Springer)

  3. Of course, that assumes that the offender has kept his address current, and that the state databases that this pulls from are current.

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