Go See The Getty Villa For Me!

villa_outer_peristyle.jpgMore tickets for the Getty villa this weekend have just become available online! These are free tickets (although parking is $7). I already have my ticket for April 1st, which I booked in January, so anyone who would like to go sooner should head on overto the site NOW to pick up their tickets.

Unfortunately, I can’t even go to the Villa this weekend because I have to spend Saturday morning at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market. I’m making my legendary gumbo for a friend’s Mardi Gras blowout on Saturday, and that will require fresh vegetables. Fresh vegetables and a Costco-size bottle of Tabasco are key. And by the time I’m done with the gumbo preparation, it’ll be time for my French class at Alliance Francais.

Sunday, I was actually planning to go to the “new” (now the old?) Getty anyways to see A Sense Of Place: Photographs of the American West, but a friend and I decided to use her SoCal 2fer at California Adventure instead. Which also means that I’m missing DepecheModeCon. This is what drives me crazy about Los Angeles – there’s always so much to do, especially with all the great art & museums, music and events, that when I take a day to go to a year-round attraction, I miss other thing I wanted to do. But hey, if anyone wants to go see that exhibit – there’s still space, and you can have my spot if you want it. And if you move fast, you can see BOTH Gettys in one day!

6 thoughts on “Go See The Getty Villa For Me!”

  1. I went on the site to reserve my tickets for Sunday. I found a perfect time, 3:00 PM. I contemplated on whether I should reserve 2 tickets or 3 and then I compounded this mistake by calling a friend to make sure she could go (wasting at least 3-4 minutes). As I talked to her, I filled out the necessary information on site. The excitement was growing and suddenly I was taken to a page with red font stating that the tickets were no longer available. I looked for other times but they were all sold out. Now, I have to wait until the August schedule is released!

  2. I find irony in that the post that got Fresh the tickets, is probably responsible for same tickets being sold out before Shira could get hers.

    HOWEVER – more tickets will be released between now & August! Take heart! Just sign up for the Getty e-newsletter and you too can find out about these things early enough to score the tickets.

  3. Just so Jillian, Shira and everyone else don’t think I reserved *all* the tickets, I only requested two tickets for Friday afternoon! (I didn’t want to be greedy.) At the time I reserved, there were still many time slots available, but the tickets obviously went fast. Anyhow hope your gumbo is great…share your secret recipe, please.

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