There’s Something About Marys

I’m going to be out of town and I’m totally bummed about it because that’s the day that the Queen Mary will meet her replacement, the Queen Mary 2.


The QM2 arrived in the Los Angeles harbor in the wee hours of the morning, and plenty of people hauled themselves down to the docks to witness the arrival. She’s a big, big boat. She can’t even dock here properly because she’s so big and can’t fit under the Vincent Thomas Bridge and had to back in because she’s too big to turn around. Tomorrow she will do a drive by to see her wee namesake, the Queen Mary before heading off to Ensenada for a short trip.

The real party, it seems, will be this weekend when she returns at 4 AM Saturday. There will be a public celebration saturday starting at 3 PM which will include live music and a fireboat escort (ooh, I hope it does the water spray thing!). I’m encouraged that she’ll be back on March 8th again, so I’ll get to catch sight of her then.

More info from the Daily Breeze, Los Angeles Times & Long Beach Press Telegram.

ANOTHER UPDATE: There’s an official site! with specs and photos as well as schedules.

UPDATE: I swapped out the photo from the LATimes with one I took of the original Queen Mary to avoid any copyright issues. You can see the LATimes slideshow here.