The Answer to Your Post Office Prayers


Considering Hexodus’ and Tammara’s recent postings about the Edendale post office, and the city’s apparent search for one without a line, I have somewhat of a shocking revelation. One that contains a secret I’ve kept for nearly four years but now, as I’ve relocated my business away from there nearly seven months ago, I can share. Ready? Here goes…

Los Angeles’ best kept post office secret is located in downtown, just south of the Staples Center, at 819 West Washington Boulevard. And this is no lie – I went there for three years, and still go out of my way to go there, and I never ever waited more than ten minutes. I think the most I ever had in front of me in line were four people and I went there at every possible moment of the day – early, lunch, before closing. I was what they call a “regular” and they were my post office ladies. Friendly, but they don’t take shit. Coming from Chicago post offices (the worst) and the Beverly post office station (horrible) to the Del Valle Finance Station is a sparkling diamond. Whenver I go to my new station in Culver City, I sigh with longing.

So there it is – the best post office/best kept secret in Los Angeles. Use this information wisely and do not abuse it. Knowledge is power.

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  1. thank you. i live in echo park and the post office is such a pain. i will try to downtown one next time

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