That Ferrari Enzo Story…


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As soon as I heard about the circumstances surrounding the crash of the Ferrari Enzo yesterday morning on PCH, I immediately suspected that the passenger’s story was bullshit:

Stefan Erikssen, 44, of Los Angeles, a Swedish national, told authorities he was the owner of the Ferrari Enzo. But he claimed he was only the passenger, and that the driver ran off after the crash, according to sheriff’s Sgt. Philip Brooks.

According to Brooks, Erikssen said a German named “Dietrich” was driving the car. Police said the Ferrari may have been involved in a race with a Mercedes-McLaren SLR.

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Erikssen had a blood-alcohol level of .09, which is above the legal limit, Brooks said. Brooks said no one has been arrested and the investigation is continuing.

“Whoever was in the Ferrari and a Mercedes came out to Malibu for a little race,” Brooks said.

Brooks said the Ferrari was going in excess of 120 mph when the accident occurred. It skidded up the side of the hill and most likely went airborne.

Detectives were investigating whether Erikssen was actually the driver.

“The fact (is) that the passenger is the registered owner of the vehicle, from the Beverly Hills/Bel Air area; the passenger had blood on his mouth; and both airbags on the car deployed, but only the driver’s side airbag had blood on it, not the passenger side,” Brooks said.

I haven’t heard much more about the Mercedes or the German who was supposedly driving the car at the time, but the fact that Erikssen is actually (via Engadget) “…the former Gizmondo executive who stepped down amidst allegations of his involvement in the Uppsala Mafia Swedish organized crime ring, and who perhaps most embodied the internal corruption of Tiger Telematics…” adds more fuel to my suspicions that he was indeed the driver, not to mention a complete dumbass to boot.

Amazingly enough, even as a wreck, the Enzo is still apparently worth about $250,000.

I wonder what the insurance premium is on that car?

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UPDATE: Added more links to news coverage.

UPDATE: Here’s an update.

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  1. Hey, man…you just fucked up your Ferrari! It’s not mine…

    “Dietrich” was reported to have stolen a scooter in his getaway..

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