ESG at the Echo Friday!


Another totally awesome show is on the horizon. This time you can drop by The Echo on Friday and catch ESG. Yes. ESG. If the mere mention of the name doesn’t excite you, it’s okay, because you’ve definitely heard them before, just not where you might expect. ESG started off as the Scroggins sisters, Renee (vocals), Valerie (drums) and Marie(congas). Their mom bought them musical instruments to help keem them out of trouble. They ended up an immense influence on post-punk, no wave, hip-hop, and house music. Not to mention generally loved by music critics, musicians and DJs everywhere.

You’ve heard ESG’s complex rhythms and steady bass grooves sampled on hits from artists like Public Enemy, Big Daddy Kane, Doug E. Fresh, 3rd Bass, LL Cool J and even Grandmaster Flash. Especially in the 90’s, you couldn’t throw a rock without hitting an ESG sample. You can also listen to the sounds of bands like The Rapture or K Records founder Calvin Johnson’s Dub Narcotic Sound System and trace lines that go directly back to ESG.

Yeah, they’re kind of a big deal. Think of this show as kind of a cross between musical history and totally awesome. Also worth noting is the addition of a few new band members. Renee’s daughters, Chistelle and Nicole now play guitar and bass with ESG. That’s an entire second generation of no-wave goodness for your Friday night.

I’ll see you there. Don’t forget your dancing shoes.

You can learn more about ESG at

Filling out the bill will be:
Future Pigeon
with guest DJs:
Michael Stock (Part Time Punks)
Jimi Hey (Indian Jewelry)
Dark Alley