Best Headline Ever.


This was Tuesday’s Daily News headline. I wonder if paper sales spiked because of it. Probably not. Probably only weirdo, easily amused, former X-Files fans found themselves shelling out .54 cents for this one.

People like me.

Anyone ever find out what the mystery blob was? Please tell me the blob is sentient, please tell me the blob is sentient, please…

3 thoughts on “Best Headline Ever.”

  1. It was chemicals left over from a crude oil well. As a crude oil well is depleted they refill it with salt water and other chems; for various reasons like maintaining pressure, minimizing/promoting bacterial growth.

    In this case it was from a pipe that fed a well, i think. The smell being reported was a sulfuric type smell. Also as an FYI, some buildings around the area were red-tagged, because the leak caused methane gas to build up in the apartments and businesses.

  2. many years ago when the red line was being built through hollywood there were tons of sinkholes on hollywood blvd. the la weekly ran a headline that grabbed my attention, i clipped it and still have a copy of “the subway that’s eating los angeles.”

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