The Downfall of Edendale Station Post Office

I read tammara’s article about how quick her post office at Hollywood and Highland is. No lines. I thought to myself, “If only that were true for me too…” Sadly its not, as my local postal joint is Edendale Station at the intersection of Glendale and Alvarado Blvds, which is walking distance from my house.

I have been going there a couple times weekly for the past year and a half to ship books that I have sold on the interwebs, and for the majority of that time things have been pretty efficient, and relatively short lines. Those were the good days…

I would go in there with between 30 or 40 packages each time, which sounds like a lot, but all of the people working there knew the deal. All media mail. So it went fast. With the exception of one employee, which I will not implicate here. She is very very slow. Excrutiatingly. Every day seems like her first day there. If you have ever gone to this post office you know exactly who I am talking about.

Anyways, in the last few months it seems like this post office has become understaffed somehow. So now, where there were four windows open at any given time, now there might be two. One with the aforementioned painfully slow employee.

Now there are almost always lines to the door(maybe 15 or 20 people), moving very slowly. You can spend at least half in hour in that line, easily. Even if you try to be strategic and go in midafternoon, no luck. You are stuck. It’s almost enough to make you Go Postal.

So it’s pretty sad, and I sincerely hope that Edendale goes on a hiring spree soon, because the demand is far exceeding the supply these days. I like Edendale Station, and I really want things to get better.

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  1. Even though they’re about the same distance from me, I usually opt for the station in Atwater Village. I haven’t been during the day in a while though, but Saturday mornings during non-holiday periods have been pretty good.

    I do NOT recommend the one by my office on Santa Monica and Wilcox.

  2. I hate that Edendale branch. That’s my closest too, and it sucks. On top of all the stuff you point out, the self service machines are always broken too. So even if you think you’re going to avoid the line and take care of it yourself you still get screwed.

  3. Hell froze over at this dump. The walking dead work and frequent this place. I have had a PO box there for three years and dread having to return. Anyone ever notice the HUGE parking lot behind the post office that is reserved for the employees? Now granted a post office needs lots of room to manuver trucks in and out but that lot is ALWAYS empty and visitors (customers) are forced to try and park in the tiny tiny lot that is right off of Alvarado. worst…post office…ever..

  4. I’ve hit the Edendale several times in the past few months and about the only nice thing I can say about the place is that the display of historical photos of Echo Park are pretty cool ‚Äî but even they get old with the eternities you have to wait in line.

  5. I don’t think the decline at Edendale is a recent thing, I feel like it’s never been a great experience in the 10 years I’ve been in this zipcode. I know exactly the employee you’re referring to, and I always let people go ahead of me if I get called to her window. If you’re there to pick up a package she will be gone for at least 15 minutes! The two packages I’ve ever had get lost in the mail were handed to her. The lines are painfully long almost anytime I’ve been there. Always 10-15 people in line, with at most 2 windows active. No one ever seems to show up to relieve the long lines. The self serve machines are usually broken. They can’t stop and start mail properly when we’re on vacation. And one time they just entirely lost a package I left off for a claim, I never got my money back, never saw the items again, no one could help me. My carrier told me once that packages are routinely “pitched” 20 ft into the sorting bins in the back. Can’t we get Joel Grover to do an undercover report, “Edendale P.O. Horrors!” to expose the mismanagement? And I bet those historical photos of Echo Park were something they just found behind a sorting machine!

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