Spacing out

Griffith Observatory

I suppose the reason every other field trip from kindergarten through sixth grade was to the Griffith Observatory did not have to do really getting to know the heavens. I suppose my teachers were not too creative or the principal didn’t give them too many options.

The repetition never bothered me. The planetarium, building and the grounds fascinated me. I loved the heavens, even if it was projected on a dome inside a theater and I had to crane my neck backward to see the constellations.

I never saw those constellations once I left the observatory. I tried to locate them on family vacations to the Grand Canyon and camping trips along the Kern River, but I only found Orion’s Belt and the Big Dipper.

I can’t wait for the Griffith Observatory to open its doors again this fall to a renovated and expanded facility. There may be a Satellite, but it won’t be quite like my third grade fieldtrip.

Photo credit: Gregg

4 thoughts on “Spacing out”

  1. Funny that you should update on the observatory. This morning while Bri and I drove to Pasadena (by streets!) from WeHo I kept seeing the observatory and was thinking that I couldn’t wait for it to open. I’ve never been! Can you believe that??

  2. The Observatory is just awesome to be AROUND, let alone inside.
    They’re anticipating crowds big enough to require shuttles from the bottom of the hill to get up to it… I fear reservations may also be required at first, like when the Getty opened.

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