Nobody Bikes in LA

I’m glad I woke up late after working till 4am in a freezing downtown colocation facility, because if I had woken up early and read this obnoxious attempt at humor over on curbed I would have spouted a vitriol laced tirade about the idiocy of the author of linked piece, but thankfully I just woke up and Mack Reed over on LAVoice.orgcom took the time to write an excellent and well thought out rebuttal that would have made my “fuck you” piece sound childish.

4 thoughts on “Nobody Bikes in LA”

  1. FWIWl, we’re still dot-org, and always will be. The dot-com is on a trial basis, and continues only with ongoing indulgence of the domain owner.

  2. Mack totally rocks. And, despite the corrections to it over on the bike blogs, so does the piece that he linked to in the Alternative.

    I assumed that the Curbed piece was sarcastic anyways, because anyone who reads THIS site has seen enough bike-related posting to disprove that “nobody bikes in L.A.” myth by now. At least, I hope it was sarcastic, or I’ll have to be more annoyed than amused.

  3. Sure there’s a big bike culture in L.A. That’s really cool. Compared to the millions of car commuters though, it’s a weensy number. More people should do it; but anytime I tell someone I bike to work (3-5 days a week) their immediate assumption is that I lost my license.

    The Sunset Media tower (where I work) has maybe (rough estimate) 1000 occupied parking spots, and any given day there are 2-4 bikes parked downstairs. Assuming none of those are carpoolers, that’s (at best) 0.5% – 1.0%. Not “nobody,” but barely visible.

    That’s why people get pissed off when you ride your bike on the street and actually follow traffic rules — using left turn lanes and such. It’s not so much that you’re slightly slower; it’s that you’re confronting some people with a reality that is rare and sometimes threatening.

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