4 thoughts on “More Awesome Parking”

  1. After seeing your previous post on this subject, I was inspired to write on a sticky note in a parking garage near LAX: “Your vehicle is NOT a compact!” and stick it on an offending SUV’s driver-side door. The SUV in question took up nearly two compact spaces! Why not let the offending drivers get a note about your opinion?

  2. This would definitely be a candidate for the note on the windshield: “Sorry I hit your truck.”

    They’ll go nuts looking for the damage.

  3. I have a 98 Taurus and I dont care too much for the paint job. In a situation like this, I’ll block in their driver seat door and go on and do my business.

    This is a big pet peeve of mine and inspires serious rage.

  4. When I used to have a minivan I was forced to park in compact spots at my job’s parking structure. If compact car owners would actually use the many compact spots instead of taking all the full size spots I wouldn’t have to use a compact spot. BTW, if someone blocked my driver’s side door with their car (purposely or not) they were left with a dent, scratch, broken passenger mirror or a flat tire or two, depending how much time I had.

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