Hey I Was Going to Vote On That!

There are 3 LA Superior court judges retiring in a couple of months and we were going to have an election to vote for their replacements, but our breast-groping illegal-motorcycle-riding excuse for a Governor got a call from Karl Rove [eecue’s note: speculation] that probably sounded like something from a Dead Kennedy’s track intro asking him to appoint some right wing cronies to the posts, which he promptly did after a few zig-heils. Here is the CA Supreme court ruling he used as jurisprudence:

Stanton v. Panish (1980) 28 Cal.3d 107, an election for a seat from which the incumbent has retired after the beginning of the filing period will be postponed for two years, unless a candidate other than the incumbent has returned nominating papers for the seat before “an appointee [of the governor] assumes the office.”

One thought on “Hey I Was Going to Vote On That!”

  1. So the guy who took advantage of a special election to become Governor, and spouts the values of a democracy, has decided that the voters don’t know whats best after all?

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