The Darkside of the Hollywood Hills

Wow! All the power was out in my neighborhood for a couple of hours. Eerily quiet. I like it. Anyone know why the power was out in the hills of Hollywood tonight between 7 and 8ish?

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  1. we lost the internet at work today around 4:30 or so, effectively ending my workday. maybe this was the cause. it better be fixed tomorrow of the boss is gonna be pissed. . .

  2. My friend called me around 7 saying the power was out around Highland and Franklin. The jumbo screen and all the touristy shops around that area were dark too. I’m sure someone forgot to pay the eletricity bill.

  3. i had the same problem… here is the reasoning…. thank god i caught 24 or there would have been hell to pay!

    Power Outage Hits Parts of Hollywood
    From a Times Staff Writer

    A false alarm in a power distributing station shut off electricity to eight Hollywood neighborhoods Monday evening, a Los Angeles Department of Water and Power spokeswoman said.

    Power went off just after 7 p.m. in patches of blocks stretching from just east of Highland Avenue to the 101 Freeway, she said.


    It was restored a little more than an hour later when DWP technicians determined that there had been no malfunction and the alarm had misfired

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