Secret Hollywood Tunnel – fact or fiction?

A friend of mine told me that while interviewing for an ambassador position at Hollywood & Highland they were informed of a tunnel that went underneath Hollywood Blvd. to allow for celebrities to get in and out without notice. While I’m always a skeptic, I was immediately doubtful of this largely because I’ve worked with “talent wrangling” at the Kodak Theatre before, yet I’d never heard of any sort of secret entrance.

After a little net research I came across this comment from the Cinema Treasures website:

Years ago, after a premiere or the Academy Awards, celebrities were always seen entering but not exiting the Chinese. Reason being, there was an underground tunnel that led accross the street to the Roosevelt Hotel (Sid Grauman had an interest in the hotel also). That way, celebrities could leave anonymously. The tunnel had not been used in the past 30 years. The tunnel is gone, and access to it from either the theatre or hotel was sealed up when the subway between the two building was built under Hollywood Blvd., a couple years ago.

This reads to me like hearsay of an urban legend.

However, the Kodak Theatre is a tech savvy venue, and an article from Live Design may give some credibility to the theory, as the Kodak has created tunnels for the miles of cable that go into live or taped productions. “The cable runs… (hook) up with tunnels that lead under Hollywood Boulevard and into remote production trucks.” The article doesn’t mention the size of the cable tunnels, but in my experience cable tunnels aren’t designed for comfort – just enough space for a worker to carefully manage, not enough for a celebrity to walk through.

What I do know, and isn’t much of a secret, is that there’s a number of ways to access the adjacent Renaissance Hotel from Hollywood/Highland. But this isn’t as flashy, or worthy of legend, of tunnels that bore underneath the boulevard.

If you, dear reader, know more, please let us know.

One thought on “Secret Hollywood Tunnel – fact or fiction?”

  1. I’m not sure about H&H, but I am sure about a tunnel that used to run under SM Blvd at Poinsetta, between the strip of buildings that house Jones Cafe and the movie studio across the street. I heard this from the late costume designer Bill Hargate, who owned many of the properties just north of SM. His costume shop is still there. If there was a tunnel there, it is very likely there was one on Hollywood Blvd as well.

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