Mr. Ezra Scattergood, why did my lights go out?

ezrascattergood.gifPhoto is of Ezra Scattergood from the DWP website that describes him as, “the father of municipal power in Los Angeles, was a pioneer who devoted his life to bringing ample supplies of electric energy to the city of Los Angeles.”

There’s a great bio on this guy that is pretty easy to find.

If you were to go to the DWP website instead to see why there was a power outtage tonite in Hollywood, there are no answers. There is no way to find out what happened, or even that it DID happen. Maybe I’m asking too much expecting the DWP to have info on a blackout that began a couple hours ago, but during the outtage I called the DWP for info, and it was there hold message that suggested I visit their website for updates… during a power outtage.

But if you need some info on noble L.A. citizen of yesteryear, Ezra Scattergood, the DWP website is a fantastic resource. Especially for reading when you have no power for your computer or router.

For the record, the lights went out here at Franklin and El Cerrito about 6:30pm. From the rooftop, I could see all of the Hollywood Hills blacked out, and at least the chunk of Hollywood down to Hollywood Blvd, between La Brea and Highland. The TV Guide neon sign was still lit, as were the lights at the Renaissance.

I particularly love these impromptu disaster drills when I get to meet all my neighbors and see who own flashlights and who need to borrow candles. Unfortunately, lights popped back on at 8:15pm, too early to whip out the Ouija Board. Oh well… a summer heatwave is coming.

3 thoughts on “Mr. Ezra Scattergood, why did my lights go out?”

  1. I ran across the post on Ezra one day when trying to research a power outage at my office. I’d never heard of him either, but we don’t exactly have a “Scattergood Drive”

  2. Ezra Scattergood is not as famous as William Mulholland, but just as important. That is why over in Playa Del Rey near the Hyperion Treatment Plant, Dockweiler Beach, and LAX, there is the Scattergood Generation Station (12700 Vista Del Mar), one of three power generation stations within the City.

    As for power outages…
    If you call 3-1-1 and ask the operator how to find out what’s happening, they can put you through to DWP who will then give you an update. Doesn’t help much now; just for future reference.

  3. I’m glad ‘ol Ezra is getting some respect. But my point is that when I did reach the DWP during the outtage (sp?) they never picked up, and the hold message told me to check out their website for info. I don’t know if calling through 311 would have helped… but next time I’ll try.

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