Fool me once. . .

I found an article over at the LA Daily News via those Skunks of Los Feliz that seems worth noting, but sadly, just seems typical these days.

Under fire for its botched handling of Hurricane Katrina, the Department of Homeland Security said Wednesday that there is no specific federal strategy for responding to a catastrophic earthquake in California, although it will review the state’s own plan.

Yeah, cause that whole “Katrina thing” worked out really well, didn’t it boys?

“(FEMA and DHS) take very seriously the need for catastrophic planning in California, as well as throughout the nation,” Chertoff wrote.

Is that why no one MADE A PLAN? Who are these jokers?

The article goes on to talk about how the state has way more of a handle on things, but this whole “Plan? Who needs a plan?” thing from the feds really bothers me.

In other news I helped build a pretty comprehensive disaster-preparedness plan including all manner of supplies, generators and what not with some family out in the valley. I know we’ve talked about it before and will continue to do so here at but being prepared for such things is never a bad idea. Especially when we’re being constantly reassured that any help from the federal government will be days away, at least.

3 thoughts on “Fool me once. . .”

  1. Whatever the fed does it tends to do badly, or not at all, and at (insert multiple here) times the cost. California should take care of its own.

    Too bad the National Guard it occupied elsewhere….

  2. I think the most important lesson that we should always be reminded of is that in an emergency, WE need to learn to take care of ourselves. The government should never be relied up.
    I’d love to read more about your home emergency kit, and anyone else’s suggestions, as well as plans people have in the case of earthquake, terrorist attack, alien invasion, the rapture, etc.
    At the same time, we should be asking our city leaders what THEIR plans on. Say what you want about FEMA and Bush, but Mayor Nagin also sucked… lets hope that our guys are better prepared.

  3. While it is incumbent upon each person to rely upon themselves to a certain extent, there are some projects that are SO LARGE ONLY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT CAN DO THEM. Because they’re the only ones with that much money. Or, at least they used to be before Bush gave it all away to his friends.

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