Why go Postal?

I always put off going to the post office. It’s one of those annoying chores that always seems to take waaaaay to long. So I was super happy to find a new post office….THAT HAS NEVER HAD A LINE! Not once! In all the times (4) I’ve visited the new post office at Hollywood and Highland, I’ve sailed right in where three(!) idle postal workers were just waiting to sell me stamps and weigh my packages!
And they even have a passport option. Sweet. It’s on the Highland side of the shopping center right next to the Hotel.

7 thoughts on “Why go Postal?”

  1. Don’t believe this post. The line is always obscenely long and snakes around up to the the CPK. Stay away! Don’t ever go there! Warning!! Warning!! May I recommend the Cherokee post office? Never a line there. You will breeze in and out in no time.

  2. And don’t discount the Best Thing Yet: that little machine that will dispense any postage INCLUDING INSURANCE. I don’t think it can do international Express Mail but everything else is good.

    There’s seldom a line for the machine, even when the line for a live clerk is 20 deep. Not sure if they are in every PO but it’s certainly worth a trip to a PO that has one.

    Use The Machine. It’s easy, fast, takes credit cards AND debit cards, and is seldom out of order.

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