To Not Live and Park in Downtown


I just had a meeting with someone and we were discussing the horrible parking situation in downtown – particularly when visiting MOCA at night. Now, I go downtown regularly to one specific area and just pay to park in a lot. Granted I could only be there for 30 minutes and I just shelled out $6 but my mind still remembers the raping I just to get when paying for parking in Chicago so I just grin-and-bear it.

The problem with parking in downtown will continue to worsen as new buildings develop and the area gets more street traffic. Experience LA points to a workshop with community groups, civic leads, and policy makers to be held on March 2nd that addresses these issues:

Downtown Parking Community Workshop:

When you go out to dinner in Downtown, what’s the first hassle you face when you arrive?
-Where do your guests park when they visit your new downtown loft?
-Is your monthly parking expense constantly on the rise?
-Do you always have to crry a roll of quarters in your glove box?

Downtown Los Angeles is changing and so are the plans, policies and regulations about parking. New residents, businesses, nightclubs, entertainment venues, and retail stores are opening everyday and the growth is expected to continue. This growth affects parking for everyone who lives, works, or visits Downtown.

The Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los Angeles (CRA/LA) invites you to attend a community meeting to share your point of view and suggestions. Downtown residents, merchants, business and property owners, employers and employees, manufacturing industries and truckers and anyone interested in Downtown parking should attend.

For more information or to confirm your attendance at the parking commmunity meeting, contact Jennifer Anthony at 213-627-3855 ext 13 or [email protected]

March 2 from 5-8:30pm
@ John Ferraro Building РDepartment of Water and Power: Cafeteria, Dining Room, Level “A“ :: 111 North Hope Street , Los Angeles , 90012
Admission is free