Aceyalone and RJD2 at The El Rey!


I totally dropped the ball on this one. I really should’ve let you know about this earlier, sorry. I’ll make it short:

Tonight. The El Rey. ACEYALONE AND RJD2!

This is going to be an amazing hip hop show. For those who don’t know Aceyalone or RJD2, uh, where you been, son? Damn. Acey has been around LA awhile now, a founding member of Project Blowed, the man is totally rad. Team him up with RJD2‘s production (hi, if you don’t know RJ then just go buy Deadringer right now. Seriously.) and this show is gonna be off the chain.

You can check out two tracks over at my boy Kevin’s So Much Silence.

I’ll see you there, right after you hit the reader meetup though, yeah?