Shadduppa you flue

The weather is so perfect here that who even needs a fireplace? We do of course. It sets a lovely mood on our crisp evenings.

Today I was taping up a large box in the living room, when I heard a great clatter from the direction of our fireplace. We have adopted a feral cat who loves to get in there, so I just figured she was in there again and went over to shoo her out.

No cat.

I called for help and my intrepid husband looked up into the fireplace. The flue door was closed. We assumed there was no cat in there because the flue was closed. But there was still noise in there. Had a bird had fallen in from above?

I went downstairs to look for our little culprit just to be sure, when from upstairs I hear, “There’s a cat in here all right.” He opened the flue and out plopped our cat – FILTHY (her condition, not her name). She took off like a shot and that was the last we saw of her for a while.

So let me say this about that: if you’re planning to be away for more than a day and you have an adventurous cat, please close your fireplace flue, because when they jump up in there they close the door and trap themselves.

Since we got her right out I’m not counting this as One Down, Eight To Go, but it could easily have turned out much worse than it did.

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