SBC DSL Outage

bla-wiretangle.jpgWhy is it when I have a problem with my power or hosting company I have no problem finding out why?

If my website is down, I can check some offsite status blog or I can call up their 1-800 number and get a recording. And when I call the power company and give them my address, they can confirm not only that my power is out, but that they’re working on it.

Why isn’t DSL like that? How is it when you call up SBC for the third time to ask about the DSL outage, they keep making you check your cables, router and crap? Why can’t they just look at your phone number and check it against some outage bulletin and say that they’re aware of the problem and give you an ETA?

I don’t know about anyone else in SoCal, but my DSL was out for most of yesterday … but the neighbor’s wasn’t. But SBC said that there was a widespread outage because of some router failure.

Anyone have similar problems with Cable broadband?

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  1. As a rule, I don’t usually have much trouble with my Adelphia cable, unless they are working in the neighborhood. A month or so ago, I faced a week or more of constant loss and restoration as they replaced amplifiers and traced a problem. It was quite annoying. Now that that is complete, I have been stable for weeks.

    As for SBC DSL, I have taught my clients to immediately ask the phone rep if there is an outage in the area, BEFORE they do any cable changes, removing or routers,etc.

    Time and time again I have had to go out to a client to re-connect their router after tech support had them disassemble it, only to find out that the problem was with SBC.

  2. Is stable for weeks supposed to be a blessing? I make my income from home on the net [trading; I’m not slick enough to host porn.] and I’d be PISSED if I still had my old cable internet issues.

    Over the years of moving/etc. I’ve had Time Warner Cable [in two diff. cities]; and SBC DSL; in two different counties:

    Cable has been much more prone to “hanging” or just plain, going down. Never mind it’s horrifically more expensive than DSL. [Always has been more $$$, but now it’s just ridiculous.]

    DSL has only gone down once in 13 months at current location. Only went down a couple times in 2 years at prior location.

    In the end… aren’t most issues for either DSL or cable related to the quality of the lines the house has? [“dirty” phone lines or 20+ yr old coaxial.] or the configuration of modems/routers, let alone firmware updates, etc.?

    Anyone having either DSL or cable going down often needs to have everything checked. If they can feed a signal to thousands of others in your area, then it seems your wiring/cabling/equip/firmware/settings are the likely culprit.

    /GEEZ! Could I go for maximum verbosity, or what?

  3. I have Comcast cablemodem in the sun valley area (east san fernando valley). It used to be pretty nice, but the for the past few months it has been getting worse and worse. I am constantly getting timeouts from firefox, due to DNS failures.

    I’m pretty sure it’s not the wiring coming from the street, because my brother in law is having the same problems with the same provider, a few miles away.

    And yes, I know when I eventually resort to calling customer support, they’re gonna assume I’m an idiot and make me unplug stuff. Sigh…

  4. My mom has SBC, and it goes down ALL the time. It’s very frustrating for her because she does medical transcription and if the dsl goes down, she has to spend hours of extra time on dial-up. Of course, when you call SBC, it takes forever for them to figure out what’s wrong, and the problem is usually on their side. There are even times when they need to come out and fix things and it can take up to a week. I’d recommend anything other than SBC for dsl.

  5. I’ve had problems before with SBC but called and complained and I actually got an American on the phone. She was so nice and gave me credit for the next month.

  6. I have sbc dsl and its goes down every 3 month and if it rains forget It downs for day or on and off SBC sucks

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