Diminished Service is our Business

Name any bank and I can produce at least one person with a horror story about why they will never bank there. For me that bank is Bank of America, but this story is about the bank I like– Wells Fargo.

I opened my account there the day BofA bought my beloved Security Pacific (yeah I’m old), and with very few exceptions the stagecoach has provided me with fine service.

In addition to being old, I’m also old fashioned. When I write a check, I want to see it returned to me in the envelope with my bank statement. For years I’ve had to pay Wells Fargo $2.50 a month for the “privilege” of getting my own checks back: Apparently they prefer to store them electronically and then destroy them.

Well, I want them and have no problem paying for them (although I do wonder what exactly I’m paying for).

All was well with me and Henry Wells until about two months ago, when my statement arrived with pages of copies of checks, but no checks. I’m right on top of my finances, so two months later (when I noticed) I got mightily pissed off about this and went into the bank to see what’s what.

No more checks is what’s what. No matter how you plead, no matter what you pay, you ain’t never seein’ dem checkies again once they leave you.

I’m wondering if this policy is universal to all banks now that we are in the Modern Age (HEY WHERE’S MY DAMN JET PACK?) or if this is peculiar to Wells Fargo.

After all these years I would hate the thought of changing banks, but this is pretty important to me – I might consider it….

5 thoughts on “Diminished Service is our Business”

  1. You’re gonna get a hundred people telling you to do the same thing… let it go. Checks are quickly becoming antiquated in the banking system. Most banks allow you to view your cancelled checks online. Just think of it as a step toward a paperless world. I don’t receive a single paper bill or statement anymore, simply because it saves time and money for everyone.

    Get a check card and learn to love the digital world. Good luck :D

  2. Thanks to all for all the info.

    For the record, I embrace the digital world, but there are still times when having a piece of paper is preferred, at least by me.

    What I don’t embrace is loss of choices, and in this case, services.

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