Beard Papa’s

feel the ooze!

If you are ever feeling skinny, there is a quick fix for that: Beard Papa’s. Actually depending on what time you go to Beard Papa’s, you may have to wait in a pretty long line, so the fix may not actually be that quick. Penelope and I went to Marukai in Gardena on Superbowl Sunday to get some tasty snacks and on the way in we say the Beard Papa’s sign and I started drooling. The line stretched around the kiosk and with about 20 people waiting for their custard infused pastry fix.

Penelope waited in line while I went and bought rice crackers, sake, and other Japanese treats and when I was done shopping she was still in line, so we switched and she sat down to wait for me.

injecting the custard

While in line I watched the pastry tenders take the puff shells from the baking rack and impale them on the cream tank, pump gently and place them into the box for a light dusting of powdered sugar. After about a 30 minute total wait I was at the front of the line and ordered a half dozen cream puffs, which they promptly boxed up and handed to me.

When we arrived at our friend Cedrick and Teylor’s house we had some rice crackers and the box of cream puffs stared ominously at me until I could no longer resist the custard temptation. I opened the box and hefted the quarter pound pastry to my mouth. I took a bite and quickly realized that these pastries were merely thin vessels for creamy rich custard. I don’t think I’ve ever had a more delicious pastry in my life. I am hooked.

a box of decadence

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