We Can Safely Do Away With Car Alarms

Continuing on yesterday’s trend of pointing out irregularities in our vaunted driving related systems, today I will speak briefly about car alarms.

In short, it’s time that we did away with them. The only purpose of their existence at this point is to wake me up in the middle of the night when a truck or bus passes a Honda Civic. Whoop! Whoop!

As far as I know, nobody responds to them. Nobody calls the police and nboody thinks, “Oh my goddam, someone’s car is being robbed.” If anything, it gives the owners a false sense of security in thinking that this secures their vehicle. It seems, in some cases it can have the opposite result. Someone might unload a clip.

They are useless, and they are annoying, and I ask car owners everywhere to consider the alternatives.

5 thoughts on “We Can Safely Do Away With Car Alarms”

  1. My particular favorite is the car alarm that makes a warning “whoop whoop” noise when something gets within a certain distance as if to say “don’t come any closer Mr. Thief or I’ll set the alarm off, BACK OFF!!!”.

    Of course they are never actually set off by potential thieves, but rather a car two spaces away that is reversing out of it’s space! Maybe the noise is to alert the driver reversing that there is another car parked nearby and to be careful not to reverse into it….as if the presence of a huge car wouldn’t be warning enough!

  2. while car alarms are super annoying, i have to admit that my horn/a;arm makes a particular noise that i can hear and when my (factory standard, i don’t have a choice in this) car alarm does go off, i can tell it’s mine and run outside and see what is going on. it’s more an alarm for me rather than for other people. now, granted, the only time i’ve ever heard it going off is when i’ve accidently set it off myself by doing weird things or when the sensor in the door was broken and it went off by itself for a week. still, it’s a handy thing to have when it doesn’t go off easily AND is distinctive and close enough to recognize as your own.

  3. If you can deliver me a flame thrower I will THAT VERY DAY disable my alarm.

    Until that time, however, I’m afraid I’ll keep using it as installed.

    But I have had this same discussion – I’ve never once seen anyone get up and run when one goes off, nor have I ever done it.

    Might also be worth noting that my VW doesn’t offer me the option merely to lock the car – in other words lock the car but don’t activate the alarm.

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