I love…

Has anyone else noticed the big red heart covered with flowers in the lower third of the empty billboard at the corner of Glendale Riverside and Fletcher… where there used to be the hillside of painted TVs? I’ve been meaning to snap a photo of it for weeks. I thought something interesting would happen yesterday, because it’s Valentine’s Day, but the only addition I noticed was a big sheet with something written in script that I can’t read very well.

I think Fletcher and Glendale Riverside (by the 5) may be a new center of street art in LA.

5 thoughts on “I love…”

  1. I loved those teevees. It was the best part about Glendale Blvd being closed for months after the mudslide between Riverside and Rowena. Who owns the hill?

  2. or right. that whole intersection just blends in my brain. thanks for the clarification. I have big plans for that hillside (especially when I see random TVs and computer monitors on the street) and I’ve been trying to figure out where I can get one of those elevated ladder trucks. Not saying I’m doing any billboard liberation or anything… I would never do anything like that.

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