For any Westside Ridazz Out There

310, the Westside counterpart to Midnite Ridazz, will be taking place this Friday, starting from the pirate ship (ARRRRR!) by the the pier in Santa Monica.

Now, I know you all will be at the party on Friday evening, but if there are any Westsiders out there who would rather go on a crazy bike ride, this is for you! You don’t have to bike all the way to Echo Park, and because the rides are smaller, they tend to be more adventurous. I blogged last month’s adventure, in which we all bounced around on service roads out by the oil wells in the Baldwin Hills. All twenty-two of us. Unlike Midnite Ridazz, the 310 rides have yet to pick up mass appeal.

Flier for this week’s ride is here. I have no idea what they mean to do. But I’m sure it will be zany!

7 thoughts on “For any Westside Ridazz Out There”

  1. How many ridazz usually show up for this? I’m thinking of going (possibly bringing some friends) since I missed Midnite Ridazz last week and need to get my bike on.

  2. We had a couple dozen at the last few rides – it’s generally a hardcore Westside crew plus a few even more hardcore Eastsiders. So more people right now = good!

  3. Hey! It’s Matt! I was with you guys at the burrito joint last week. I will definitely be going to this ride. Maybe. I don’t know.

  4. Aw man. Every time I plan on riding the weather turns foul. Feh. I’m seriously considering offering up my beat up old Gary Fisher as a sacrifice to the weather gods.

  5. I’d love to hit the 310 ride — I just found out about them today, Feb 20. Is there a mailing list? Are they always on the third Friday?

  6. Yep – every 3rd friday, and it’s usually just an informal list – if this is your correct email, I’ll fwd it to the guy who sends the announcements

  7. Y’all should post this monthly event on the bikeboom calendar. I would’ve liked to have known about it.

    Could you add my email address to your mailing list too? Just change the 1 in ver1zon to an i.

    Patrick Meighan
    Venice, CA

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