Archer Prewitt at Spaceland Tonight.


Archer Prewitt (of The Sea and Cake, formerly of Coctails) is playing tonight at Spaceland. Pretty much everything this man does is beautiful. Expect softer stuff with an emphasis on the man with his guitar tonight. You can also see Tangram and The M’s opening the bill.

You love the indie rock. I love the indie rock.

One thought on “Archer Prewitt at Spaceland Tonight.”

  1. archer is truly awesome. sam prekop is even awosomer, if that’s possible and a word.

    archer also gets my eternal praise for his creation “sof boy” – but sadly, good luck finding any sof boy items. giant robot or meltdown may be your best bet.

    I met archer @ the troubadour when he toured with sam last summer. Somehow I ended up receiving a customized sof’boy cartoon on a cocktail napkin. One of my prized possessions.

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