A Bigger Cover Up Than We Thought?

Last week Wil talked about a new LAPD policy that will keep officers names private when they are involved in a shooting and how this is really not a good move towards better community relations. According to this piece in today’s LA Times this applies not just shootings, but “also to violent encounters in which police use their fists, batons, flashlights, rubber bullets or anything else at their disposal to subdue suspects.”


Does this sound horrifying to anyone else? So long accountability.

One thought on “A Bigger Cover Up Than We Thought?”

  1. I heard a radio interview with a member of the police commission that stated that the names would still be available in initial incident reports, and that the only reports affected by these new rules are the police commission’s reviews that determine whether or not excessive force was used. She said that it is CA state law that “personnel files” are kept private, and this was a matter of reclassifying the Commission reports as “personnel files”, and that other documents that contain facts about each incident that were available in the past will continue to be available. I do not know how accurate these statements are, but the interviewee from the police commission said “the names will still be available” about a dozen times in the interview in a very exasperated tone of voice.

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