Separating the flakes from the doers

Hey LA – are you too lazy to participate in the coolest new activity?

A while back I wrote about Streetwars Assassin. It’s a water gun assassination tournament. You have a target (a person), and you are a target. You stalk your victim, hoping to get him (or her – hot chicks play this game too) before someone gets you wet and removes you from the game! The play area has been extended to almost South Pasadena and part of the valley, so you really have no more excuses. If you are in the red shaded part of the map, you have no excuse except your lameness. So get some of your close buds at work or home and set yourself up a team. Here’s a water gun that shoots 35 feet! Available in Redondo Beach! I’m already stalking up! heh.

If you’ve ever wanted to be an assassin, stalk someone, be a sneaky spy and wear cool clothes, now is the time to pull yourself away from your computer you lazy freaking Angelinos and get out to enjoy the weather and play a real game.

Who is game enough to assassinate moi? Just try to super soak me. This is a limited offer. How many are you strong enough to play against the h-bomb? I dare you! Will you be my first target?! Do you want to be my first target? Then sign up already!

5 thoughts on “Separating the flakes from the doers”


    is Even a BAD Replica of a real one. Always

    choose garish colors, for your weapon.

    Because if you gun looks kinda real 2 things may happen.

    1) Some one will think you are packing a real

    gun, and call the police.

    2) Some One with a Real Gun may Pull theirs first

    and Blow you away… Last time I checked we

    do have Nervous drug dealers in this town.

  2. I’m a big fan of, so please understand that I post this with all due respect.

    Do we really need an L.A. based game that involves guns? How many innocent citizens will receive quite a scare when they see a stalker step from the bushes, and point a “gun” at another human?

    I am a proponent of community-wide gaming, and I especially love efforts like:

    But I also urge anyone who reads this comment to consider the following:

    Again, I *heart* and wish you all nothing but success. Please consider my comment as the love of a friend, all intentions being positive. Thank you.

  3. It’s all fun and games until the LAPD refuses to release the names of those involved.
    (Or maybe I’m just trying to throw you off track…)

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