Not everyone’s Valentine

I got a crazy idea this year for Valentines Day I would deliver flowers. So I’ve been spending the entire morning driving around Hollywood, looking for addresses, shimmying my way into condos and apartment buildings to bring a little of the cupid bite. It’s a hard job, and I’m not doing it for the money, but it’s fun and I’m learning quirks of the City like Vine becomes Rossmore or visa versa. Just wait until I put on the prom dress later tonight and Moki and I hand out roses to unsuspecting passers buy on Vermont Street. Valentines Cacophony heathervescent style.

6 thoughts on “Not everyone’s Valentine”

  1. You’re such a romantic!

    Back in my motorcycling days of yore on several Val’s days I’d load up a saddlebag with roses and other red flowers and pass them out to at red lights to ladies in cars, crossing intersections, at bus stops, walking on sidewalks. It was a blast.

  2. Love the idea of giving away flowers–what a kind and generous idea. Think of how many people’s days you will make…

  3. Whew… done with round 1 for the money. Now to pick up some cheap flowers (hah! can I make it to the Flower district now?)

    Will, I love that idea!

    Tristan, how do you expect me to deliver you some flowers if I don’t have your address?!

  4. This morning as I was riding the Hollywood/Wilshire DASH I saw that the bus driver was hanging out red roses to the women who were regulars on his route. I saw him hand them out to 3 elderly women and that we so happy they talked about it all the way to the metro station. Happy Valentines to all.

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