When I posted about the local Stitch ‘n’ Bitch groups a few weeks ago, a reader asked for yarn store recommendations. I’m a bit slow in responding, obviously.

There is no way that I could cover all of the local yarn stores, as they are legion. I do hope any knitters (or crocheters or needlepointers or whatever) reading this will chime in on those I’ve left out, as well as with opinions of those I do have listed.

Los Angeles/Hollywood

Black Sheep Knittery
6324 Yucca just west of Vine – very friendly and helpful.

Knit Cafe
8441 Melrose east of Las Cienega – I bought some nice yarn here but am not a huge fan based on the one experience.

Knitter’s Studio
8118 3rd near Crescent Heights – the only time I went into this store was before I learned to knit…

Suss Design
7350 Beverly & Fuller – every yarn is swatched, which is great, and the boutique is full of beautiful clothing, but who has $1000 for a machine-knit piece? Feels too 5th Avenue for my taste.

Santa Monica/West Side

Stitches From The Heart
3306 Pico near the 405 – very warm and friendly. A portion of their proceeds and collected knitted donations go to premature babies. Next door to a way cool map store.

Wild Fiber
1453-e 14th – If I ever have a bajillion dollars, this store is on my list of places to spend it. It is huge and full of gorgeous things. They have the biggest book section of any local store I’ve seen, lots of pretty notions and things like buttons, and a TON of yarns.

The Valley

818 Hollywood Way, Burbank – this is my favorite store. They are the friendliest and most helpful of any store I’ve been to, and have a great selection with good prices. They will wind your yarn into a center-pull ball at all but the busiest of times (though this negates their return policy).

Stitch Cafe
12443 Magnolia near Whitsett , Valley Village – This shop sells ‘raw’ yarns with a dying class included in the price. They are not at all pushy which looks like standoffishness, but they are nice and friendly if you approach them with a question.

La Knitterie Parisienne
12642 Ventura Blvd east of Coldwater Canyon, Studio City – I’ve never been here, but had to mention it because it is famous and has a fantastically stuck-up name. Supposed to be excellent but pricy.

Sit ‘n’ Stitch
10154 Riverside, Toluca Lake – This store caters primarily to cross-stitchers, but is great for everyone with yarn addiction. It is a labrynth of rooms full of all sorts of yarns. Friendly, good prices.

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  1. In addition to the shops on Annika’s list, I’ve been to Edna Hart in Silverlake and That Yarn Store in Eagle Rock.

    Edna Hart has a small selection, but they do stock my favorite Colinette mohair, and the location’s perfect for my needs. That Yarn Store is family-run and everyone I’ve encountered there is quite kind; I bet that’d be a great place to take a class.

  2. the The Little Knittery in los feliz is where i learned to knit, and store owner julie is the sweetest girl around! the store itself is in Steinberg & Sons which also has many great fashion finds.

  3. Thought I’d add my two-cents! My local knitting shop is La Knitterie Parisienne — and pricy it is not — in fact, if you check their prices against other shops, you’ll find they are even better – they unlike other shops don’t inflate prices…and they have the best selection and teach how to knit for free– super friendly, not snobby, well worth the visit from wherever you may live in LA ….! :) happy kniting, Amy

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