Just In Time For Valentine’s Day…

I found out that the name of the “make out spot” that we went to on Friday is “Angels’ Point”. It’s in Elysian Park, and the trail up is about 500 yds from the LAPD training grounds. (Thanks to ubrayj02, who posted this and much more info in a comment at the bottom of the C.I.C.L.E.-dot-org reposting of my original post here.)

So for those of you looking for a make out spot to take your Valentine’s day dates, I imagine that Angels Point, due to its lack of car access, will be less crowded than other places in the city. Just make sure you have a date who can walk up a dirt path.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to resist a couple of things. First of all, the piles of sugar lying around my office (heart-shaped cookies, brownies, doughnuts, etc). Second, any self-pity that I might be tempted to feel at the knowledge that I am spending my Valentine’s Day AT THE LAUNDROMAT, because I have been procrastinating that chore for far too long, and this just happens to be the only evening all week when I’ll have two hours to get laundry done. Oh well. Maybe it’ll be quieter at the local laundromat if everyone else is out on dates?

4 thoughts on “Just In Time For Valentine’s Day…”

  1. oh come now. . .on this day where love is in the air (cough cough)

    while you’re sitting there at the laundromat look around. . .i bet you can find some hot dude, or maybe just an old lady, to eat candy hearts with.

  2. happy single’s awareness day! you can do your laundry and then come to cinespace w/ amanda and me! we’ll then spend our evening flirting w/ all the indie rock guys who are not on a date. :)

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