Celebrity Blogger: Elisha Cuthbert Redux…

2006_02_14_elisha_cuthbert.jpg(Photo courtesy of IMDb.)

Two and a half months ago, I mentioned that 24 and The Girl Next Door actress Elisha Cuthbert has a blog (link via goldenfiddle) hosted at the NHL website where she writes about hockey, which is rather befitting since she is a Canadian and Canadians do love hockey.

Questions aside about whether or not she should really be classified as a blogger (since she doesn’t directly post her articles to the website like Wil here for B.la, so they are probably filtered through and edited by multiple people like her publicist before they get posted in the first place), her last post still dates back to November 21st about “The Art of Booing.”

Guess she’s been too busy with her boyfriend (LA Kings player Sean Avery) and her reprising the role of Kim Bauer on 24 this season to continue writing on her blog, which has had only four posts thus far. That slacker!

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  1. Nothing against Cuthbert, but I gotta say these first several episodes of “24” have been heaven without Kim in them. I literally dread when she’ll finally show up.

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