Busted by motorcycle helmet camera

I always love finding out about things in LA from friends in Japan! Gen Kanai links to this SoCalSportsBike thread of a motorcyclist who was involved in an accident and caught the whole thing on her helmet cam. Gen writes:

This lady motorcyclist in Los Angeles had her helmet camera on when a car in the lane next to her had an accident and caused her to crash into the car.

At the time of this posting, there’s 16 pages of commentary. The upside is that this video will exonerate the motorcyclist and will implicate the car driver for the idiot that he is. Sadly, it looks like he’s an undocumented Mexican without a license and insurance (a fairly common occurance in SoCal) and the motorcyclist may not get anything from his insurance.

This is a freightening aspect of being on the roads here in socal – just about everyone I know who has been involved in any kind of an accident, myself included, has had to deal with uninsured drivers / drivers without licenses. In my case, some who even fled the scene. Maybe we all need dashboard and rearbumper cameras?