Pirate Cat Radio…

I’d been hearing about a pirate radio rebroadcast, on the FM dial, of The Howard Stern Show as it airs on Sirius satellite radio, but had been unable to get more information until now (link via MarksFriggin):

Two weeks ago, [Pirate Cat Radio] began illegally broadcasting Howard Stern’s morning satellite radio show, unedited and raw, on FM frequency 87.9 in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

“That’s what Howard Stern’s been fighting for, is to fight for people to let people do what they want on the radio, whether you like it or not. So that’s something we do here at Pirate Cat Radio.”

Since NBC11’s story ran Thursday, Pirate Cat’s free Stern broadcasts have gotten national attention.

On Friday, Stern’s satellite news channel ran its own story on Pirate Cat.

Monkey Man does not apologize for his radio rebellion.

Although, he says he will stop the illegal broadcasts if Stern personally asks him to.

I tried that frequency from the Valley this morning but was unable to get ahold of the signal. I’ll have to try from within the city on the way home from work tonight.

UPDATE: Losanjealous reports that 88.3 FM is also being used.

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  1. I’m gonna be selfish and say thanks pirate cat for forcing me to change my damn itrip station. The one station that worked for me on my daily drive from Silverlake to Santa Monica. You do play good music though, I’ll give you that much.

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