More LAPD Surveillance Cameras…

Photo_021306_001.jpgLast June, Xeni, Sean, and I went to Santee Alley to find out where the MPAA-sponsored surveillance cameras were located.

And as it so happens, there’s now a similar camera installed at the northeast corner of Santa Monica and Fairfax across the street from the Best Buy there (in the accompanying photo, it’s at the very top of the pole).

I never noticed it until this morning, and judging by the shine from the pole it was installed on, I’d say its installation was pretty recent, like within the past two or three months.

This isn’t to say that the MPAA is on the lookout for bootleg DVDs near West Hollywood, as it looks like it’s instead an extension of the LAPD’s program of installing cameras along Hollywood Blvd.:

Five video cameras will train their electronic eyes on one of the world’s most famous streets as early as January, and if all goes according to plan, there eventually will be 64 cameras on Hollywood, Santa Monica and Sunset boulevards and Western Avenue, the Los Angeles Times reported.