Midnight Ridazz Accident Update and Sharrows

I just got an email from Monica Howe via the Midnight Ridazz list about the status of the rider who was hit by a car last Friday night on the ride. He is fine, and vertical although his bike’s condition is currently unknown. Along with that tidbit of information came a request to help out with LA County Bicycle Coalition’s Sharrows survey. Sharrows are symbols painted on the road to let motorists know that cyclists are traffic too and to share the road with us. They have been used with success in large metro areas including SF and we’d like to see them on the roads here in LA. Take a minute to fill out the survey here.

One thought on “Midnight Ridazz Accident Update and Sharrows”

  1. Heh. I just updated my Ridazz post with the rider injury update. I’m so glad he wasn’t permanently injured!

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